Giving February 22, 2016

Emerald Aquatics Lap-a-thon

Sunday, February 21 was our annual Emerald Aquatics lap-a-thon.  Last year I decided to swim and raise money for the team I coach.  I did it again this year.  Money raised goes to keep dues reasonable but, more importantly to me, it funds our scholarship program.  We've never had to turn a kid away that couldn't afford to pay. 

Swimming definitely brings out the best in me – the joyful and playful side. 🙂


I ended up beating my goal of 100 laps and swam 120 laps (3000 meters) in 1 hour.  I had two per lap sponsors which I'm sure motivated me to swim more than I would have otherwise!  All of my other sponsors were a flat rate.  Thank YOU to each and every one of my sponsors!   Here's Lottie – one of my high schoolers – who volunteered to be my counter.  Thank you, Lottie!


It's not too late!!  You can still donate to this wonderful organization at:  Your donation is tax deductible since EA is a 501c3.  Click on donate, and you can even pick me as who you sponsor.  My personal goal is to raise $2000.  Currently I have raised $1300.  We can still get donors through March 31, 2016. 

Thank you for your sponsorship!  We are Grateful!