How may I serve you?

Whether buying or selling I am here to help you set and meet your real estate goals. I have experience living and coaching in Eugene for over 20 years. My mission is to help you set your real estate goals; define what you want and where you're going. I've been accused of being instinctively resourceful! I take pride in my work and appreciate value, so I strive to offer uncommon service and support to clients. Let's do this together!!!

Helping my clients net their highest since 2012

My Statistics (Updated January 2022

2017- My listings averaged 21 days on market and my listings' median was 8 days on market! My sellers received on average 98% of their list price and their median was 99% of list price. Market average: 97%, 41 days on market.


2018 - My listings averaged 19 days on market and my listings median was 13 days! My sellers averaged 100% of their list price and their median was 101.5% of their list price! Market average: 97%, 38 days on market.


2019— My listings averaged 19 days on market and my listings median was 11 days! My sellers averaged 99.8% of their asking price and their median was 101.49% of asking price. Market average: 97%, 38.5 days on market.


2020— My listings average 31 days on market and my listing median was 6 days on market! My sellers averaged 98.5% of list price and their median was 100% of list price. Market average 32 days on market and 98% of list price.


2021— My listings average on the market 11 days. My sellers averaged 103.5% of their asking price! They beat the market averages of 16.6 days on market and 102% of the asking price.

Seller Testimonials

"Gina is AWESOME!! She is competent and aware of today's market. She understands what it takes to sell a home - quickly AND at the right price!! She has the marketing savvy to get the word out to all corners of potential buyers! She also knows how to get a homeowner to understand what is needed to make the BEST impressions to buyers...whether a minor remodel, staging, specific marketing materials...she knows and can do it all for you! You will be overjoyed with her service and attention to you, your home and its closing!!" Kurt and Deb


"I have known Gina for many years. She is an amazing person. I trusted her completely in every aspect during the sale of my home. She did not disappoint. Gina was with me the entire time. I highly recommend Gina for any of your real estate needs."- Deb and Brad

Year after year, my clients match or beat the market for both days on the market and percent of list price!

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RMLS Market Stats - the green line is Sale Price vs Original List Price (SP/OrigLP%)