Giving March 8, 2023


Q1 2023 GIVE

This quarter we raised a bunch of money for KIDSPORTS!

For those of you who are new to my blog- here’s the run down.  Each quarter I combine my client event with a GIVE to raise funds for a local non-profit.  In addition to my standard quarterly GIVE, I commit an additional $10 for every family that RSVP’s (even those unable to attend!).  In addition, sometimes clients and/or collaborators contribute as well!   My GIVE has evolved over the years, and I now focus on supporting healthy and active youth in our community.

At the event this quarter, I offered guests a bottle of local wine.  We offered tastings if folks wanted to hang out a bit and sample. The wine was sourced from the Oregon Wine Lab – a local urban winery I enjoy.  Interested in learning more about the Oregon Wine Lab?  Check out the link below!

KIDSPORTS is a local organization where all kids play. Bev Smith, the executive director, came to our event to chat about what they are doing to support kids and sports in our community.  I have been so impressed with their services in general and particularly how they were able to pivot during the pandemic and keep kids moving and playing.  If you are interested in volunteering or contributing to this organization, check out the link below!

Kaitlin Ward with Summit Funding agreed to match donations from the RSVP’s including any additional donations as well.  In total we ended up raising $3176!  It is exciting to see our impact grow when we do it together.  If you are looking for a great local lender, check out Kaitlin and her link below!

If you are interested in being part of these events and you aren’t already – let me know!  They are a fun way to connect with each other and with organizations doing great things in our community!


Oregon Wine Lab:


Kaitlin Ward, Summit Funding, NMLS ID# 2008843,