Giving October 26, 2018

4th Quarter GIVE

4th Quarter GIVE
I’m so excited to announce I’m partnering with Kids’ First for the 4th Quarter GIVE!!
Have you heard of Kids’ First and what they do for our community? I have a friend that has been involved with them for years and has been educating me. Kids’ FIRST serves as Lane County’s Child Abuse Intervention Center. Its mission is to provide intervention and advocacy to children who have been victims of, or witnesses to, crime. When the unimaginable happens to children in our community, KF is part of the first response team that supports the healing process. At Kids’ FIRST, children receive medical exams, forensic interviews, and advocacy when alleged abuse has occurred. KF also houses grand jury on-site for children so they don’t have to go to an unfamiliar courthouse downtown.

Kids’ FIRST is a 501c3 non-profit. Its day-to-day operations are supported strictly by grants, child abuse assessment reimbursements, and private donations. Our support as a community is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Having worked with kids in the community through coaching for over 20 years I am passionate about support for the kids and their families that go through tough times. Sadly, the need is huge! I’m excited to share that they are in the beginning stages of acquiring a new building that will allow them to expand and improve their services to children and their families. I’m so excited!

Check out their website:
Check out their donation page is you’d like to help:
They have fundraising events too:
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jaclyn Lemonds at or call 541-682-3938 ext. 218.
OMG – check out their wishlist for kids! What a great opportunity to give back during the holidays by getting a gift off their wish list page!

Thanks for being part of my GIVE!!