Health January 25, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I am so excited to be starting 2018.  Getting ready for 2018 included business planning over Thanksgiving weekend, after Christmas cleaned my office, and right before the new year cleaned the house.  I’m ready to go!

Each year I select a word to focus on.  It’s not a new year’s resolution so much as an intention. I find my word through journaling and meditation and then chose the word that resonates with me. What growth am I focusing on this year?

Once I pick a word – I order an actual physical word from this amazing company that creates them out of recycled materials – Colleen Attara Studio.  The pictures I’ve included below are the experience of opening my word package when it arrived in the mail.

This year the word that struck me is “GIVE”.  This means multiple things to me.

  1. Give the business.  Give the gift of real estate to my clients.  Give the best I can so they can have a smooth process and reach their goals as seamlessly as possible.
  2. Give my whole self.  What is the biggest most important thing anyone has to give?  Themselves.  Their whole and unique selves.
  3. Give in the literal sense – philanthropically.  Coaching had been my big give for 22 years both time and financially.  Now that I am no longer doing that full time, my journey this year is to investigate what my next big give is.

One of my “Gives” this year is an experiment. With this year a portion of every commission is going to be donated.  Windermere agents already agree to donate a portion of every commission to our Windermere Foundation that gives thousands each year to local non-profits.  I’m deciding to do something in addition!

Each quarter I am going to choose a new non-profit to donate to and will announce that in my blog and on my Facebook business page.

The first quarter of 2018 I am committing to donate 5% of my commission to one of my favorite non-profits – Emerald Aquatics!  They are a 501c3 that provides swim team and fitness in our community for ages 5 through adults.  The adult program is 18 and over and a great group of people that like to have fun, work hard, and swim together.  The kids group is a competitive swim team for ages 5-18 that excels at teaching life skills and life lessons beyond the sport of swimming.  I have been part of this organization for 22 years as a coach and now as a swimmer and I’m excited to partner with them for the first quarter.  If you would like to find out more or donate to EA let me know!

If you have any suggestions for other non-profits to include in my journey this year please tell me!  I would love to hear how you know the organization and how you’ve been involved with them. I’m also interesting in volunteering my time – so send me those suggestions as well.  If you or anyone you know has any real estate needs or if I could be of service in any way please let me know!  The more people I can serve, the more I can give.

Many blessings to you to for this new year!!  Gina

Look at what she wrote on my word package!!:

Opening the package to find:

Some extras that come with your word:

My word, GIVE:


At home, on my desk: