Health September 11, 2017

Theme of the Week Sept 11, 2017

Anyone want to guess this weeks’ theme?

This week we are working on TEAMWORK.

“The power of WE, is stronger than the power of me.”  – Unknown

Why do you think Teamwork this week? What about this week makes this important?  I can’t help but think about the fires in the Pacific Northwest, Montana and the Hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. There is so much devastation and loss.

While on a phone call to order some t-shirts for the high school swim team this last week I was asked how I was doing and if I was near the fires and if there was anything he could do to help.  I was so touched that they would ask – knowing that I was in Eugene – and to wonder how I was.  I asked them where they are located and they say Texas.  WOW!  While they are in Dallas and not affected by the hurricane there – he had just been helping his brothers’ family who were living in Houston and lost everything.  He said it was so great because everyone was ok.  It was so great to see how people were pulling together to help each other out and support each other as they adapted to their “new normal”.  I was touched that while his family was dealing with their own disaster he thought to ask about ours.

We need teamwork.  Not just when playing sports – but in everyday life.  Whether it’s getting through a natural disaster or simply having someone to walk part of your journey with you.  We need each other.  And perhaps, right now, more than ever.

“Great teams are made up of athletes who have given up their quest for individual glory, who have willingly and wholeheartedly accepted the character traits of a team player and who have fully committed themselves to the group effort.”  Bruce Brown.

Karen – one of my teammates in life! 


#1 challenge – how can you live/act/be teamwork this week?  How can you give up your quest for individual glory in the pursuit of a better whole?

#2 challenge – notice those around you that exhibit this trait and let them know. Appreciate those around you that are team players.