Home Improvement September 21, 2017

Energy Efficiency and EWEB programs

Just went to a class taught by EWEB (Eugene Water and Electric Board) on energy efficiency and programs they offer to home owners.  Such a great class!  It was such a good add on to my GREEN designation training.  While some of the federal programs are going away and ever changing EWEB still has their rebate and 0%loans to help update your home. 

Why does this matter to a HOMEOWNER?  It helps to know what assistance programs are out there and energy audits are available to increase your current energy efficiency.  Why?  Your bills will go down!  You’ll end up spending less to be more comfortable.  Hooray!

Why does it matter to SELLERS?  Did you know EWEB and other affiliates will do an energy audit on your home? They will give your home a score to be able to advertise to buyers how the home performs.  This takes out the personal use bias that providing monthly statements include.  Instead – the energy audits take into account the product and average use.  Did you know homes sell faster with an energy audit – no matter the score??  Cool!

Why does it matter to a BUYERS? Knowing what assistant programs are out there will help you make an informed decision on what a home is worth and what to prioritize in your purchase.  A home with energy updates is worth more because the work is already done and the monthly energy expense will be lower.  Knowing about the assistance EWEB provides helps in budgeting when looking at homes that need energy updates.  As we start to see more homes with energy audits in our area it will help bring clarity to a buyers understanding of homes that are on the market.

Whatever stage you are in – I’m happy to help!