Market News March 29, 2018

Real Estate Statistical Update- not as boring as it sounds!!

Stats update!

What’s happening in the market these days??  That’s the question people often ask.  Here’s a summary and some graphs to illustrate what’s going on in Lane County.  If you’re interested in your particular neighborhood or house let me know!  I’d be happy to do a market analysis for you or just chat over coffee or lunch about what’s going on in your area.

For Lane County as a whole in February (March stats aren’t out yet):

  • Median sale price: $280,000 (up 12% year over year)
  • Average days on market: 52 days (down 1.9% year over year)
  • Sale Price vs Original List Price: 97% (unchanged year over year).

Last February 2017 vs this February 2018

  • We saw basically the same market!

What we’ve seen historically:

  • 2015 vs 2016 – inventory crunch
  • 2016 vs 2017 – inventory crisis
  • Jan/Feb 2017 vs Jan/Feb 2018 – What will this year bring? Pending is still outpacing inventory!
  • Inventory has increased by 4.6% year over year (Jan/Feb 2017 vs Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Pending has increased 17.4% year over year – wow! (Jan/Feb 2017 vs Jan/Feb 2018)

Did you know????

  • 33% of all listing inventory was below $300,000 and 56% of all pending was below $300,000.
  • 53% of all listing inventory was below $400,000 and 81% of all pending activity was below $400,000.
  • We are in a dual market! If you are below $300,000 you are in a strong sellers’ market.  As you go higher in price range the market slows down making it the perfect market to move up into a higher price range.  If you’ve been wanting or waiting to do that – now is the time.

Check out these pdf’s of some of these stats!

Feb 17 Feb 18

Feb 2018

Buying Power